The End of the World (again)

There is something truly fascinating about the human desire for the end of the world. To believe you can predict it from the ravings of religious mystics a couple of thousand years ago… well, you have to live in such a mythic, pre-scientific world.

Judgment Day, May 21, 2011... or maybe 21 October 2011... oh what the hell.

And not only that – why do we want to believe in it? Is it that we love the shivers of future horrors? Is it that we feel we are powerless, and our idea of suicide is to bring everything down with us? Or is it a desire for justice, and laziness on our part so that we will just rely on divine forces instead of working for justice ourselves?

I wouldn’t even be on this rant if it wasn’t for the fact that yet another would-be End-of-the-world prophet has been tripping over bizarre calculations from tribal myths originating with a different people on the other side of the world some thousands of years ago, figuring that – that – that Jesus came back from the dead two thousand years ago – physically went up to some place called Heaven above the earth – has been hanging around ever since – is coming back down again…

And there are millions – maybe billions – of people who believe this stuff, or stuff very similar in their own religions…

Enjoy the day, folks!

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