The Bible says abortion is OK

Jesus never mentioned abortion, and the Bible never condemns it. That’s because according to the Bible, life doesn’t begin until the first breath is taken (Genesis 2:7).

Causing a pregnant woman to miscarry so that she loses the child is not considered an injury (Exodus 21:22-25).

If a pregnant woman is accused of adultery, the recommended way to seek proof is for a priest to abort the fetus (Numbers 5:11-31).

And God is constantly threatening to kill unborn fetuses (2 Kings 8:12, 2 Kings 15:16, Isaiah 13:18, Hosea 9:10-16, Hosea 13:16).

This puts anti-abortion activists in the same category as fundamentalists who wear clothing of mixed fibers, or eat shrimp, or eat bacon, or plant different types of seed in the same field, or a man who fails to marry his brother’s widow (and the Bible allows polygamy). They are all hypocritical, irreligious “cafeteria Christians”, picking and choosing what to accept and what to ignore.

Anti-abortion activists are anti-Bible. Life begins with the first breath. American “fundamentalists”, so-called Christians who don’t know what is in the Bible that they claim is God’s unchanging word, are linked to the Republican Party whose symbol, an elephant, can be appropriately modeled with a coat hanger…


5 comments on “The Bible says abortion is OK

  1. You might want to check those passages again, because I do not think they are saying what the twitter poster says they are.

    For example, the Gen 2:7 is about the creation of Adam.
    >> Then Adonai, God, formed a person [a] from the dust of the ground [b] and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, so that he became a living being. (complete jewish bible)
    >> And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (King James bible)
    >> Then the Lord God formed man[a] out of the dust of the earth and he breathed his breath of life into his nostrils and man became a living creature. (new catholic bible)

    in none of the translations i can look up, does it address a child in the womb.

    Then there’s the passage from Ex 21:22-25.
    >> “If people are fighting with each other and happen to hurt a pregnant woman so badly that her unborn child dies, then, even if no other harm follows, he must be fined. He must pay the amount set by the woman’s husband and confirmed by judges. (22:22 CJB)

    Perhaps I am biased by my own Heathen background, but to me that reads like a Weregeld, a payment of blood money to compensate for a death. Hardly what I would call a “non-issue.”

    In the instance of Numbers, I actually have looked this up previously cause I got into a debate about it. In most translations, the “fetus” is not even mentioned. In fact, the only thing that is mentioned is that the husband suspects his wife of cheating with absolutely zero evidence “But a spirit of jealousy has taken hold of him” and he will not be dissuaded from his fears.

    What is happening is a potion being used to curse the woman to become barren (CJB, NCB), or cursed (KJV, Orthodox Jewish bible) should she have committed adultery. The one I find that says “miscarry” is the New International Version (NIV), which is regarded by nearly everyone as one of the worst translations of the bible ever made, known for taking even more liberties than the KJV did.

    Also, I looked up the 2 Kings 8:12 passage. It isn’t just about killing babies in the womb, its describing the ravages of a war (men put to the sword, fortresses burned, etc). When you expand it to 7-17, it also says that it is the man Hazael whom the prophet is talking to will do this when he becomes king…not god.

    2 Kings 15:16 is also about a man putting a city to the sword during war…not god killing the unborn. Isiah certainly seems to be about God leading an army…to completely anhilate the nation of Babylon…not simply kill infants in the womb, but to slaughter ever man, woman, and child.

    This tweet is a bad argument, made in bad faith, taking versus completely out of context, with zero research done. I’m a Heathen, and in less than two minutes each, I was able to find check multiple translations of each verse and in five figure out none of them support the proposed positions.

    Thing is, even if these versus (or others) did support the abortionist position, this (and calling anti-abortion christians out as fake, salad bar worshipers) is still a bad argument that leads to bad ends. You want christians to live up to the bible, a bible that flat out does support slavery, genocide, and putting lgbt+ people to death, all so they’ll support abortion as well? No offense, but it seems you win the battle, only to lose the war and your life.

    If abortion rights are legitimate, then they do not need to be obtained by force, deception, or bad faith. If abortion rights can only be obtained via those methods, then they do not deserve to be. You don’t get to make a better world by being morally wore than your enemies.


    • KJ says:

      Expand the Exodus passage about if men are fighting and case a woman to miscarry, then a fine must be paid. The next line says if “there is mischief” (which is most commonly interpreted as if the woman is harmed or killed), then “23… then thou shalt give life for life,
      24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,
      25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

      In otherwords, harm for harm or death for death in the case of the woman, but merely a fine if only a miscarriage. This pretty clearly says the fetus is not considered the same value as the life of the woman.

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  2. No deception in my post and quotes. The point is, the Bible says nothing against abortion.
    The only hint about “when life starts” is “with the first breath”. Priests are mandated to perform acts which may lead to abortion. A woman suffering a blow which causes her to abort hasn’t suffered something which in itself merits punishment. And of course God not protecting fetuses when he is in a killing mood. And so on.
    There is simply nothing about a fetus, in the eyes of the Bible, that makes it as important as, say, the length of a person’s hair.

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  3. […] In America the landmark supreme court ruling known as Roe vs Wade which legitimized the right of women to have an abortion has been overturned after 49 years. Responsibility for legislating about abortion has been returned to the state governments. That’s true in Australia, too. NSW was the last Australian state to legalise abortion in 2019. But in America, women will have to persuade the God-fearing governments in the South that women have a right to make decisions about their own bodies. My immediate thought when I heard the news was “here comes The Handmaid’s Tale”. Quite a few of my American friends thought the same thing. Actually, the bible says abortion is okay. Read about it here. […]


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