Jesus as Faith Healer

I’ve never understood exactly what Jesus is trying to demonstrate, and to whom, with regard to the Christian view of his healing miracles.

How faith healing works

If he wanted to be effective and merciful, he should have healed thousands in a big city like Jerusalem, instead of just one person on any given occasion.

If he wanted to demonstrate God’s power to the world, he should have gone to a Greek or Roman place of healing in Caesarea, and healed all the difficult cases that the doctors were struggling with.

He didn’t seem to want to do either of those things – just as a faith healer never goes to a hospital to heal the people there.

It looks suspiciously like (the Christian, unhistorical) Jesus and the faith healer only work to cure you of your love of money – “the root of all evil”.

Maybe the answer is in the name, “faith healer” – all they can really heal is your faith!

3 comments on “Jesus as Faith Healer

  1. T Nengovhela says:

    Jesus did not heal all the world sick because that would be against human free will. He healed those pleading for themselves and others. Do you really think all the people wants to be healed physically?


    • If he heals those who plead for others (in your second sentence), it is (from your first sentence) against the human free will of the people who are healed.

      If it is OK to plead with Jesus to heal another person (regardless of whether the other person asked for it or not), then it must be OK for Jesus to heal another person (regardless of whether the other person asked for it or not).

      Your statements are self-contradictory. Your comment is nonsense.


      • T Nengovhela says:

        Dear Robin, I feel your pain in this situation, those who were pleading for others who could not walk to receive healing could not have been successful if they did not get an expressed desire from those they were pleading for. Random healing would have been a violation of the Prime Law “let each soul walk its path” . To those who were healed by Jesus, the act was a form of their evolution, and trip those who were not healed.

        God would not heal you against your will.


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