Crucifixion by Romans

Crucifixion was designed as the ultimate in slow, painful and humiliating deaths.

Crucified naked

Naked like this, but with a lot of blood

Aspects of the punishment included that prisoners were often required to carry their  crossbeam to the place of execution for it to be attached to its stake or tree; that they were crucified completely naked (more humiliating for a Jew than a Celt, and for a woman than a man – though female crucifixions were rare); that, naked, they would undoubtedly empty their bladder and bowels over themselves in front of the crowd who came to watch.

The prisoner was tied or nailed by the wrists to the crossbeam. The feet were often nailed to the upright, one one each side, at the ankle. Frequently the prisoner had a block of wood attached to the stake or tree for them to sit on, with a spike sticking up from it to magnify their pain.

The execution could last for hours or days, depending on the weather, the prisoner’s condition (such as loss of blood from having the skin scourged off his back) and whether the legionaries guarding the crucifixion were in a hurry to go back to camp. Some ways for the soldiers to hasten death were to break the prisoner’s legs with an iron bar, to run a spear up through the stomach and chest, or even to light a smoky fire below him to asphyxiate him.

Once dead, the body was normally left in place as a warning to others, while it was eaten by crows and buzzards.

The punishment was in use by Greeks, Persians and others before the time of the Roman Empire. The Romans originally used it only for slaves, but then extended it to pirates and enemies of the state. The punishment was forbidden under Jewish religious law, which only allowed execution by stoning, burning, strangling, or decapitating the victim.

So Jesus was not crucified at the wish of Jewish authorities, or of the Jewish people. He was crucified by the Romans as an enemy of the state, which he had declared himself to be by claiming the kingship of Israel while entering Jerusalem. The Romans tacked a sign above his head reading “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”, to show what they thought of his ambitions.

Jesus was crucified between “two thieves”, but you didn’t get crucified for mere theft. However “thief” and “robber” were synonymous with “Zealot”, “sicariot” (or knifeman) and “insurgent” to the forces of the Roman Occupation. It is reasonable to assume that the “thieves” were leaders in the armed wing of the Zealot resistance – but not as prominent as Jesus, and not part of his cadre of preachers.

Jesus was stripped naked, and the legionaries diced for his clothing. He was scourged: flogged 40 times with a short cat-o’-nine-tails , each tail ending in a lead ball to lacerate and strip the skin off. He was made to carry his crossbeam to the Place of Skulls outside the city, but he collapsed on the way. After perhaps nine hours of crucifixion he called out “My God, my God, why have you deserted me?” Then he called out again, and died. Joseph of Arimathea negotiated with – or bribed – the Romans to be allowed to take Jesus down for burial, but first the Romans ran a spear up through the corpse to make sure it was dead – this was common practice, and only a dribble of blood and a watery fluid (presumably from the pericardium around the heart) came out.

And that was it. The end of just one of a 200-year series of attempts to oust the Romans from Israel. But preachers and knifemen didn’t have much chance against the Roman Empire.

3 comments on “Crucifixion by Romans

  1. PsychelonB says:

    Preachers & “holy” men didn’t have much a chance? Ha!

    The greatest conquest is not in sending in troops to occupy a different hominid & enslave them, it’s spiritual; and they (Jews) turned the tables as never before seen. Speaking of the Romans…you know, the real original Romans…where are they today?

    If all Han Chinese peoples instantly disappeared, would Chinese civilization survive?

    They conquered our souls (souls…whether they’re real or not in a spiritual sense). In short, the author known as Mark (“gospel” writer) wrote his works as revenge, war. An arguably far superior form of warfare which Aryans suck at. What chance do you have if most people don’t even recognize war as war, and worse still, refuse to recognize it same as the alcohol addict will refuse to put down the drink?

    Aryans are following christian ethics to the tee today, and even most who think themselves to be anti-christians fail to break with it entirely. As Cesar Tort (of “The West’s Darkest Hour”) and others who you may despise (or claim to despise, as is “politically correct”) have noted, we’re in peak christianity today. True, the theological versions of christianity have gone into decline, but christian ethics/morality is stronger than ever. So many pine to love thy enemy. To turn the cheek. To wish for universal brotherhood. All ideas based upon christianity (sure, some of it’s fragments existed prior, just saying that it was christianity which infected Europeans via infecting the now extinct Roman subtype, who also believed that “well if they profess to like our customs & stuff, they’re no different than are we.”

    It’s a heckuva mind-virus. The cleanest & most profound conquest ever known, as Marcus Eli Ravage stated (along with Nietzsche, & others). Getting your most potent enemy to reject his cultural heritage – his identity – in favor of adopting your own (albeit in a mutated & suicide inducing form) is to inflict the most total subjugation imaginable.

    Funny, we have no problemo recognizing a profound (species distinguishing) difference between Bonobo’s vs Common Chimpanzee’s or wolves vs coyotes, but to imply that Claudia Schiffer is not the same (sub) species as is Whitney Houston…everyone loses their minds. Like it or not, subspecies do battle in nature.

    There are numerous known “behavior altering parasites” – mind controlling parasites which induce suicide of the host – who’s to say such a subspecies doesn’t exist for hominoids? Go into the colony, cap the leaders of the colony, pretend to be a member of the colony, and bingo, the workers don’t even know they’ve lost their leadership & proceed to serve their new master. Doesn’t end well for the host if they can’t assess what’s happening.

    All the criticism of christianity by Jews is bait, reverse psychology, a smokescreen to throw ppl off the scent. The church literally banned it’s subjects from engaging in usury and let the Jews monopolize the practice (& target christians). There’s a difference in how N.S. Germany was Hellstormed into oblivion versus how they’ve actually treated christianity. They never tried to prevent it from being spread, except among themselves.

    Anyway, your site is interesting. Maybe one day Aryans will decide to reject extinction & act accordingly, not holding my breath though. We’ve been getting our asses kicked for +2,000 years, we still act like the Roman-Jewish Wars were ancient separate battles, rather than a war which never ended.


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