Best resources – Archaeology and History

Every week David Meadows, aka The Rogue Classicist, assembles links to every archaeology-related story that he comes across for his Explorator mailing list, sorting them into:

  • Early Humans
  • Africa
  • Ancient Near East and Egypt [This is where the Jews are… and the Romans, sometimes]
  • Ancient Greece and Rome (and Classics) [This is where the Romans are… and the Jews, sometimes]
  • Europe and the UK (+ Ireland) [Note: don’t ask me why he calls it that…]
  • Asia and the South Pacific
  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Other Items of Interest
  • Touristy Things
  • Blogs
  • Audio/Video News
  • Crime Beat
  • Numismatica
  • Exhibitions, Auctions and Museum-Related
  • Performances and Theatre-Related [yes, David’s Canadian, if you’re wondering about the spelling]
  • Obituaries
  • Podcasts

In a good week, a single section may look like this:


Using ‘foodprints’ to determine the diet of early humans:,0,7613706.story

Pondering the short legs of Neanderthals:

We can apparently blame backbone fractures on evolution:

On the evolutionary roots of ‘culture’ in humans and apes:

A Neanderthal find from the Netherlands … so far the coverage is only in Dutch:

Feature on figuring out where the various ‘ape men’ fit on the family tree:

… and the mutation which may have led to the genus homo:

More on the blades (and their implications) found in that Qesem Cave ‘production line’:

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I strongly recommend it. It ranks right at the top of my favorite reading for the week.

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