Scientology – a peculiarly unpleasant organization

A case against Scientology is finally coming to trial after years of obstruction by the Church.


Laura DeCrescenzo in 1996

Laura DeCrescenzo in 1996

Laura DeCrescenzo has filed suit, claiming that she was 17 when she was forced by the Church of Scientology to have an abortion against her will. At that time, according to information coming out for the October 2013 court case, she was working 112-hour weeks under a billion-year contract that she had entered when her parents were members of the Church.

The stupidity of the ideas behind Scientology is one thing, and I can live with people believing all that, even if it was created by a science fiction writer as a way of making a lot of money. But the vicious exploitation of children under its control is something else, and makes Scientology into a peculiarly unpleasant organization.

4 comments on “Scientology – a peculiarly unpleasant organization

  1. It amazes me that the organization is allowed to call itself a ‘church’.

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    • It amazes *me* that the word ‘church’ is considered to imply something good!

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      • Indeed! And these moonbats have to be the looniest wack-jobs on the planet. Far zanier than the cult I was forced to grow up in. You have to be mentally unhinged to believe anything like this, and it certainly shows in their behavior. By the way, I blame this woman’s parents for her predicament, not so much the organization. Where would the cult be without its precious cultists–without people stupid and crazy enough to believe such transparent nonsense? These joiners are the legal guardians of their own children, and they should be held accountable for any indoctrination they abuse them with.

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  2. $120,000 “freeloader’s debt??? After working 7 days a week 16 hours a day?? I hope she is suing that damn quack church (Prison) for millions and wins. They owe her a fortune in unpaid salary plus pain and suffering. Bankrupt the bastards. Yee gods this is one sick excuse for a church. This is one prime example that religion in all it’s forms is the worst hoax ever pulled on human kind.


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