The Miracles, 3 – Walking on the Water

Here’s the story (Matthew 14: 22-33): the fishermen are headed for home at the end of the night, and it’s stormy, and they can’t see where they’re going. Jesus comes walking out to them on the water – Peter jumps over the side to be with him, starts to sink, and Jesus pulls him up.

Jesus walking on the water, the impetuous Peter failing again

The text gives the impression that they were well out from shore, maybe a mile, who knows. But there’s no real context for the story, as usual – no perspective, and no resolution.

The question is always whether we can find an explanation that allows for basic truth in the story (even if it’s been hyped and spun a little, or misremembered or misunderstood) without contradicting the known laws of the universe.

Consider: did Peter now walk the mile back to shore with Jesus? Or did Jesus carry him? Or did one or both get back in the boat, and they sailed in? None of these are mentioned… because none of these needed to happen.

The “sea” in the story is the Sea of Galilee, a lake 10 miles wide. Capernaum, where the fishermen lived, is naturally on this lake. The lakeshore there is low and gently sloping, part beach and part marsh. The beach is mostly rock, some sand, the water is shallow for a fair distance. Let’s assume that then, as now, people protected their boats from storms coming up the lake by building a ‘mole’, a wall of loose rocks not necessarily higher than the lake level, out into the lake.

It’s still dark, the boat’s coming in to shore in a storm, the fishermen can’t see where the beach is, let alone the mole. Jesus comes walking out on the mole to help. Peter jumps over the side of the boat onto the mole, but then loses his footing and falls in (the water may only have been a couple of feet deep), and Jesus helps him up. Then they help guide the boat to the beach, and drag it up.

Years later, when young followers who never met Jesus are asking Peter for stories about what it was like working with him, they get told a slightly exaggerated version. They get, naturally, a fisherman’s story.

5 comments on “The Miracles, 3 – Walking on the Water

  1. Anonymous says:

    I choose to believe the Bible as opposed to your choice of doubting the Word of God. (And even go as far as posting a website about your uncertainties.)

    No problem…I suppose?

    Isn’t it amazing how God loves us so much that He gives us a free will to make our own choices?

    I was once like you Robin. The best analogy I can come up with is that I was a thoroughbred horse born to run free, but instead raised to make money for my owner on the parimutuels. What a shame? But one day the blinders were removed and I was able to see!

    My heartfelt prayer is that our Lord Jesus Christ will open the eyes of your understanding so you will know the truth…and the truth will set you free!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Amen to that


  3. Anonymous says:

    Amen how sad you make Our Lord But he still loves you when ever your ready He is always waiting


  4. marie says:

    so sad for you


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