Yahweh: demanding and insane

What can a God possibly want? It appears the Yahweh of the Old Testament wants to have people worship Him. Obey Him. Sacrifice things to Him. In order to achieve this, He created a Covenant with Abraham that He would favor Abraham’s descendants, so long as they did everything He demanded. He had apparently already created a system that guaranteed eternal punishment for those who failed to follow Him, as incentive for obeying Him. And He created a system that, by the time of the New Testament, allows for a total of 144,000 people to go to Heaven, and the other 100 billion or whatever to go to Hell for eternity.

Almost everyone would go to Hell, because they would be born in a state of “sin” – they would be born already out of favor with God. How can He set people up to fail, and then send billions of them to hell for eternity for failing to meet His requirements? Edward FitzGerald, in his version of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, asks

O Thou, who didst with pitfall and with gin                      (“gin” means “trap”)
Beset the road I was to wander in,
Thou wilt not with Predestination round
Enmesh me, and impute my Fall to sin?

Yahweh is a God of Terror and Chaos

Followers of this God say it has nothing to do with Predestination. He gives everyone freedom of choice, to follow Him or not. The only problem is, He created the whole system that in His omnipotence He could have made any way He wanted, and in His omniscience He knew damn well that tens of billions would go to Hell for eternity.

Not only that, He triggered it by setting a trap for Adam and Eve, and then punishing all their descendants forever for falling into the trap.

Is this loving? No. Is it even rational? No. It is beyond cruel, it is insane.

If there is a God of the Old Testament, He is merely a manifestation of the Chaos of the Universe, and is without direction or morality.

As for believers in the God, are they rational? How can they call this God by such names as “the beneficent”, “the all-loving”, “the merciful”? How can they love Him? How can they respect Him as a God who looks after and cares for all His creatures, when thousands of children die every day from starvation and preventable diseases?

Grow up, believers! Outgrow your prayers and worship of the irrational Old Gods of Chaos, and turn to the joyful task of discovering the Universe and improving human existence.

5 comments on “Yahweh: demanding and insane

  1. Every time someone complains about the way my gods, or really any gods behave, I just have to point at good old YHVH. Seriously, after the stuff he set up and pulled, even Zeus looks kind and obliging. The Pagan gods, though sometimes capricious and vengeful, never came close in their deeds to the long list of horrors at the hands of YHVH, and they certainly never set such traps up for their peoples.

    I think worship of YHVH is like the worship of Chthulu. You’re gonna get eaten, but at least as worshiper you are the first to be eaten, and do not have to suffer the horror of his presence long.

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  2. LOL – fun analogy. And I’m not one of those who can take Chthulu seriously except in this sense: that the concept of Chthulu, like Yahweh, is a manifestation of an ancient human awareness of the ruthless and uncaring Universe, and is a dark and ruthless response to it.

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  3. Mr K says:

    Could not have put it better great post!

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  4. Apie says:

    Totaly agree with you yahweh is a asshole because He was created by assholes😉

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    • Apie, I think you can cut humans a little slack here – the creation of Yahweh was a collaborative effort over thousands of years, partly driven by sheep herders trying to figure out how the universe works, partly by dreamers and epileptics with visions, but, yes, partly by assholes.


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